Sunday, December 18, 2011

Hello...Anyone there?

We’re still here!  I can hardly believe I remembered my password to logon.  I would love to say that my lack of updates is because I’ve been sitting around being lazy and taking long naps but that is hardly the case.  We’ve been enjoying life and busy as usual.   Obviously, I have a lot to cover and if I tried to touch on everything that has happened I would miss Christmas.  So, I decided to make a list about Madie and I will elaborate on a few important accomplishments Madie has achieved.
·         Is sitting up REALLY well.  We still can’t just sit her down wherever whenever but she can sit unsupported for longer amounts of time and if we put a Boppy pillow behind her she is good to go for a while. 
·         Has a new ball pit, which helps her work on sitting up.  Thanks pinterest for the idea!

·         Is eating 3 meals a day but still gets some of her daily nutrition through her g-tube.
·         Loves to eat cheerios and yogurt melts AND can pick them up all by herself.  She also likes to share her cheerios with those she loves the most, including our dog Milly who will whine if Madie isn’t dropping what she deems an appropriate amount. 
·         Likes to brush her hair all by herself, although she only really gets the front part.  She also thinks its grand if you let her brush your hair!
·         Enjoys wiping her own face and will do so for 15 minutes but still would rather no one else do it.
·         Gives the best hugs and they sometimes include sweet little pats on the back.
·         Gives a lot of sweet kisses.
·         Has started helping us get her dressed.  She will push her arm in and will pull it out when putting on or taking off her shirt.  She will try to pull her jacket off when she doesn’t want it on and if she doesn’t want to wear a hat believe me when I say she won’t even give you an opportunity to put it on!
·         Loves music and dancing.
·         Has a ridiculous amount of love for The Fresh Beat Band and Yo Gabba Gabba. 
·         Enjoys her standing frame a lot.  In the beginning getting her in for 30 minutes at a time was tough and now she’ll stay in there for over an hour.  It helps strengthen her legs and allows her to do fun things with Molly Michael, like play-doh!

·         Since her legs have gotten stronger she seems to be enjoying her gait trainer more.
·         Has learned to “put in”.  In OT one of the goals her therapist has worked on for some time is to put toys, balls, blocks etc. in a bucket or shape sorter.  Madie has always been a big fan of taking out but never wanted to put in.  FINALLY she enjoys putting in.
·         Can clean up.  Since she has learned to “put in” she will also put her toys away when you ask her to…sometimes, after all, she is still very much a two year old.
·         Loves reading books.  I’m pretty sure she would have no problem sitting in anyone’s lap reading books all day, every day.
·          Doesn’t want Molly Michael touching a toy or book if she is playing with it.  It cracks me  up to see Madie act like any other toddler.  If we are reading a book together and Molly Michael tries to even turn the page, Madie will scream and grab the book and try her hardest to close the book enough that Molly Michael can’t see the pages.  Silly girl.
·         Got a new Tricycle thanks to the Longview Ambucs.  Click on the link and read more about this amazing organization.  Madie is so very proud of herself every time she gets on her tricycle and the smile on her face lets you know how happy she is!

·         Started going to Hippotherapy at Windridge Therapeutic Equestrian Center  and it has been INCREDIBLE!  Please follow the link and read all about this facility and all of the remarkable things they do.  We have noticed some very big changes in Madie since she started in October, specifically the improvements in her sitting up and her head control has also greatly improved. 
·         Is 100% boy crazy.  She loves boys and that is the truth.  Feel free to test this theory next time you see her, she’s smitten.
·         Was the cutest Wonder Woman ever for Halloween and Molly Michael was the most beautiful Alice in Wonderland ever!
·         Most importantly, still improving and amazing us every day!
 Madie has also become quite the actress.  Here she is doing her best cough. 

So much has happened in the past 4 months since my last post and I am sure that I am leaving off many an important detail.  Hopefully this will teach me an important lesson about procrastination and I will make more frequent posts!

Thanks so much for continuing to check in on Madie and our family.  We are, as always, very thankful for your prayers and encouraging words.  We hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and enjoy time spent with family and friends.
Matt, Kristin, Molly Michael and Miracle Madie

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  1. What wonderful news! I am so glad Madie is able to enjoy the tricycle and the horses. Until they moved this summer, one of my dearest friends used both of these services for her daughter who was born with a rare syndrome affecting her brain, heart, and colon. They saw tremendous improvements in her development as a result. I will pray the same for Madie!

    I've been meaning to tell you for awhile, two of the child life specialists from Our Children's House accompanied us on the Kidd's Kids trip as part of the medical staff. Their names are Emily Mulkey and Jennifer Weems. I don't know how much personal care they gave Madie, but they certainly remembered her name when I mentioned it!

    As always, we continue to pray.